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We are Dreaming Duo's

    "... Shaping the Raw Dreams, Together!"

Field Texture

Two friends – artists at heart, wanted to give way to their common dream they always had in mind but was left out in the career’s rat-race. At the end of 2016, the two friends joined hands together to form the banner “Dreaming Duo’s” with the tagline “… Shaping the raw dreams, Together!”.

Walking by the thoughts, touching the silky emotions, respecting the footprints - we are working together to live our dream!

This banner paves the path 
to building audiovisual products in the forms of short films, web series, albums, video flicks, etc. and will continuously work towards making it ahead to explore other possible forms of creativity.

Dreaming Duo’s partners with local artists in the USA to produce original pieces of art. Also, they seek assistance from overseas contacts as and when needed. It leads to an integral community of like-minded people that helps Dreaming Duo’s construct genuine bits and pieces of their work.

So far, Dreaming Duo’s is a hobby platform that is not involved with monetary transactions. The banner serves to satisfy the hobbies and creative urges.

Meet The Team


Ashish Lotangane

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I’m passionate about movies and film making...


Ashish Bhojane

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I am passionate about words, lyrics, and stories...

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